Follow the instructions below to enable the affiliate terms checkbox on the page where promoters sign up.

Once the checkbox is enabled, users need to agree with the terms in order to sign up, the agreement is not optional.

Note: Right now we don't provide any affiliate terms or affiliate agreement templates, you need to use your own. We recommend contacting a lawyer to help you with this.

How to enable the affiliate terms checkbox for a campaign

  1. Go to Campaigns > Click on the campaign menu > Select "Configure promoter dashboard"
  2. Click on "Sign Up page" tab on top
  3. Expand the "Sign up fields" section and check "Affiliate terms checkbox"
  4. On the same page, below, you can see the "Affiliate terms and conditions" section. Click on it to expand the panel. There you can customize the checkbox label and add the to link your affiliate agreement page.
  5. Click the "Save" button.

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