FirstPromoter can track sales and commissions generated from ClickFunnels websites. Before showing you how to integrate ClickFunnels with FirstPromoter, we want to present some of the limitations of this integration for non-subscription (one-time) products like courses, ebooks or physical products.

For subscription products like memberships there's no limitations, but because of how Clickfunnels handles the integration with Stripe, there are two things you should be aware of:

  1. You can't track products as different campaigns (like creating a separate campaign for each product). That's because if someone buys product A from campaign A and later buys product B from campaign B, the customer won't be moved to campaign B, it remains fixed on the campaign were it was initially referred.

  2. For some this is a feature not a limitation -  a customer is locked to the first affiliate who referred it, some call this "sticky cookie". Meaning if one affiliate brought a customer which purchased product A, the same affiliate will get commission if the same customer buys the product B, C and so on, doesn't matter what other affiliate links they click later on.

Install FirstPromoter tracking scripts and connect Stripe

We have a section where you can copy-paste the scripts directly to your ClickFunnels pages. There's no developer required for this integration.

To see the instructions for your account:

  • log in to your FirstPromoter admin account

  • click on the "Settings" button on top right

  • go to "Integrations" tab on top and click on the link from the bottom (look for "For ClickFunnels integration instructions, click here. ").

Integration for special use cases

Integrating multiple domains/funnels 

If you have multiple domains we recommend to create different websites(click the top-right menu > select "New website") on FirstPromoter to keep the data separated. If you use a single Stripe account for all websites, please contact us to enable the sharing of a single Stripe account to multiple FirstPromoter website accounts.

To share affiliates between the affiliate programs of those websites, please contact us.

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