FirstPromoter allows you to track multiple websites under a single account. There are a few ways to add a new website on FirstPromoter, depending on the relationship between them. To make sure you pick the best way to set a new website, please read the rest of the article.

You can add a new website in the following ways:

1. As another link inside a campaign

When to choose this option?

When the Stripe account used by the new website is the same as the currently connected Stripe account. This option is mostly used when websites share common customers, like promotions or new related products that can be purchased by the same customers.

How to set it up?

Go to Campaigns > Edit campaign > click "Set multiple referral links" and add the new domain. The referral link for this website will appear in the "Links" section on the affiliate dashboard. Use the customize rewards by plan feature to set commissions for the products of the new website.


2. As a sub-account

When to choose this option?

When the Stripe account used by the new website is different than the currently connected Stripe account (or is the same, but it will be used in test mode as a sandbox environment).

On sub-accounts you CAN NOT connect a Stripe account that's already connected to another FirstPromoter account.

How to set it up?

To create a sub-account, click on the domain name near your profile image on Top-left side > New sub-account.

You'll have practically a new FirstPromoter account with its own integrations, API key, campaigns, emails and so on.

3. As a separate campaign (not recommended)

We don't recommend creating new campaigns to separate websites and products. The only exception is when websites don't share common customers which happens rarely when the same Stripe account is used.

That's because the tracking doesn't work properly when campaigns share common customers. FirstPromoter won't be able to split commissions and referrals for the same customer in multiple campaigns.

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