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How to manually add commissions in FirstPromoter
How to manually add commissions in FirstPromoter

Adding commissions manually

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With FirstPromoter, you have the ability to assign sales and commissions to your affiliates.

This is for FirstPromoter v2, if you are still using v1, please check this article

There are two types of commissions you can provide to your affiliates:

  1. Sale Commission: This should be generated when a sale happens and is linked to a lead or customer.

  2. Custom Commission: You should use this when you want to add bonuses or do balance adjustments.

Now, let's break down those two commission options:

How to create a Sale or Custom Commission:

You can add these in two different ways:


  • Go to the "Commissions" section on the left menu;

  • Select "+New Commission".

  • Select "Sale Commission" or "Custom Commission".


  • Navigate to the promoters overview page and choose the Commissions tab.

  • Click on the "+New Commission" button.

  • Select "Sale Commission" or "Custom Commission".

Note: If the referral doesn't exist, you can click on the "Add referral" option that shows on the drop down menu when manually creating a commission.

If you select the Billing details - Edit option, this means that you've set your campaign rewards for monthly, annual or one-time charges only. If so, you must always use this feature when adding a manual commission. In addition, if you use product based rewards, you will need to select the plan id on the drop down menu.

FirstPromoter automatically calculates the appropriate commission based on the sale total and Plan ID (if plan-level commissions are used).

For Sale Commission, the Event ID should be the invoice ID, and the Event date is the date when the charge occurred or when the invoice was paid.

Note: For adding past commissions for a customer, manually adding those is required as FirstPromoter does not automatically track past commissions for most billing providers. Only if Stripe is used, you can past track commissions when adding a referral.

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