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Working with multiple campaigns
Working with multiple campaigns
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Campaigns serve as the primary method to categorize your promoters into different groups, each with unique messaging and commissions.

This is for FirstPromoter v2, if you are still using v1, please check this article

You have the flexibility to create campaigns for various purposes, such as a customer referral program, a partner program, special limited-time deals, or to establish distinct reward levels based on the number of customers.

As promoters have the capability to run multiple campaigns simultaneously, you can easily manage them by moving or switching promoters between campaigns, inviting promoters to join a campaign, adding them directly to a campaign, or removing them individually or in bulk.

Additionally, campaigns can be linked together. When a promoter is accepted into one campaign, they can be automatically invited or added to another campaign. This is particularly useful in scenarios where you have multiple products, each with its own campaign, or when running two separate programs โ€“ a referral campaign for customers and an affiliate campaign for external affiliates. In such cases, you may want customers to sign up for both campaigns, while external affiliates (non-customers) sign up only for the affiliates campaign.

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