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How to use Sub-IDs in FirstPromoter
How to use Sub-IDs in FirstPromoter

What are Sub-IDs and how to use them

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FirstPromoter offers a feature allowing promoters to differentiate traffic sources for the same link by incorporating sub-ids. This enables promoters to assess the performance of various sources, such as email, blog, or social media, by assigning unique sub-ids to each.

This is for FirstPromoter v2, if you are still using v1, please check this article

​Here's a step-by-step guide for promoters to add a sub-id:

  • Access the Promoter Dashboard.

  • Scroll down the page.

  • Click on the "+ New link" button under the "Referral links" section.

  • Provide a name for the link and assign a sub-id (e.g., "blog" for sharing via a blog).

  • Save the newly created link.

In order for your promoters to see that section, the option from Campaigns - Press on the 3 small dots - Configure Affiliate Portal - Dashboard - Referral links - "New referral link button" needs to be enabled.

As shown, the sub-id, in this case, "blog", is integrated into the referral link. Despite the link remaining the same, the sub-ids differ, allowing the promoter to A/B test different sources of traffic or track performance from different mediums.

In the "Reports" section, specifically under "Sub-Ids", promoters can access details on the clicks, referrals, and customers associated with each sub-id, facilitating an easy analysis of their promotional efforts.

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