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How to enable direct URL tracking in FirstPromoter
How to enable direct URL tracking in FirstPromoter

Assign landing page URLs to affiliates and avoid using links with referral ids (direct url tracking)

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FirstPromoter makes it easy to let your affiliates use referral links without any referral parameter (for example "?fpr=referral_id") so the referral link will look just like a normal link to a landing page.

This is for FirstPromoter v2, if you are still using v1, please check this article

Affiliates can then share clean URLs like instead of

To implement direct URL tracking, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Promoters section and locate the affiliate for whom you want to enable direct URL tracking. You can use the search box for convenience.

  • Click on the name of the promoter to access the promoter's overview page.

  • After selecting the desired campaign, scroll down to the "Direct URL" section and select "Setup."

  • Copy and paste the provided script into your landing page (please make sure the landing page already exists on your website), inserting it just before the closing </head> tag.
    ​Note: This requires the visitor tracking script (that loads fprom.js) also added to the landing page.

  • Save the changes.

To verify that tracking works, open the landing page URL in an incognito window and confirm that the click count increases. This ensures accurate tracking without visible referral parameters in the URL.

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