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How to integrate Braintree
How to integrate Braintree

Braintree integration with FirstPromoter

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FirstPromoter allows you to automatically track sales, upgrades and cancellations from Braintree.

This is for FirstPromoter v2, if you are still using v1, please check this article

1. Accessing Braintree Integration

  • Navigate to your profile located in the upper-right section and select "Settings";

  • Access the "Integrations" tab;

  • Scroll down to the "Integrations with third-parties" section;

  • Select "Setup" under Braintree.

โ€‹2. Creating a Read-Only User Role (optional)

  • For more security, you can create a new User Role in Braintree that permits only read operations. Skip this step if security concerns are minimal or if you're in the Braintree Sandbox environment;

  • Log in to your Braintree account as an admin and navigate to Settings > User and Roles > Manage Roles > New;

  • Assign a role name like "Read-Only" and uncheck all permissions except for: Download Transactions with Masked Payment Data, Download Vault Records with Masked Payment Data, Download Subscription Records, Manage Webhooks;

  • Click "Create Role";

  • Navigate to Settings > Users and roles > New user. Provide API Access, assign the read-only role, and grant access to the merchant accounts;

  • Log out of Braintree and log back in using this new "read-only" user.

3. Creating a New API Key

  • Log in to Braintree, navigate to Account > My User, and scroll down until you find the API keys section;

  • Click on "Generate API key";

  • View Authorizations and click on "Generate API key".

4. Adding API Details to FirstPromoter

  • Select View in the Private Key column. Check the newly generated API key and copy-paste the data from that table into the corresponding fields on the FirstPromoter Braintree Setup form.

5. Setting up Webhooks

  • Return to Braintree and go to Settings > Webhooks and click 'Create New Webhook.'

  • Add the "Webhook Endpoint URL" value from FirstPromoter Braintree Setup to the Destination URL field;

  • Check only "Cancelled", "Charged Successfully", and "Expired" under Notifications.

  • Click "Create Webhook" and verify the URL correctness by clicking "Check URL".

6. Completion

  • Once the webhook is created, return to FirstPromoter and click "Save". No error messages indicate a successful connection between FirstPromoter and Braintree API;

  • To modify the Braintree account or transition between sandbox and production environments, visit your Profile - Settings > Integrations tab - Integrations with third-parties > Select Braintree - Setup, and repeat the process starting from Step 1.

Important Note: Due to Braintree Webhooks limitations, FirstPromoter cannot automatically handle refunds. However, all other functions operate correctly. In the event of a refund, you need to "Deny" the commission/reward of the affiliate manually.

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