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How to integrate Chargebee
How to integrate Chargebee

Chargebee integration with FirstPromoter

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FirstPromoter allows you to automatically track sales, refunds, upgrades and cancellations from Chargebee.

This is for FirstPromoter v2, if you are still using v1, please check this article

1. Accessing Chargebee Integration

  • Navigate to your profile located in the upper-right section and select "Settings";

  • Access the "Integrations" tab;

  • Scroll down to the "Integrations with third-parties" section;

  • Select "Setup" under Chargebee.

2. Setting Chargebee Webhooks

  • Log in to your Chargebee account and navigate to Settings > Webhook Settings.

  • Click the 'Add new webhook' button on the top right (if visible);

  • Set a Webhook name such as "FirstPromoter";

  • Paste the Webhook Endpoint URL value from the FirstPromoter integration setup into the Webhook URL field;

  • Select API version - V2;

  • Choose the following events only: "Customer Created", "Payment Succeeded", "Payment Refunded", "Subscription Cancelled", "Subscription Deleted";

  • Check "Exclude card information from webhook call";

  • Click "Create Webhook".

3. Confirming Webhook Connection

  • Return to FirstPromoter, enter your Chargebee subdomain in the 'Site' field (look at the URL bar; if your URL is, your site is 'mycompany');

  • Click "Confirm webhook connection".

Note: If you need to modify the Chargebee account or switch from sandbox to production environments, go to your Profile - Settings > Integrations tab - Integrations with third-parties > Select Chargebee - Update, and repeat the steps.

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