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How to pay your promoters
How to pay your promoters

Paying your promoters and available payout methods

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FirstPromoter offers multiple options for efficiently handling payouts to affiliates. Whether you prefer speed or flexibility, there's a method suited to your needs.

This is for FirstPromoter v2, if you are still using v1, please check this article

There are 3 ways to pay your affiliates:

  1. One-click (automated payout - the fastest)
    After clicking the pay button, payouts will be sent automatically through the API integration with the payment provider. You don't have to leave FirstPromoter or mark payouts as paid manually. **Might not be supported by all payout methods.

  2. Externally in bulk
    You can pay multiple affiliates by uploading a CSV file to the payment provider. Once payment is sent, you can mark the payouts as paid inside FirstPromoter.

  3. Externally one-by-one
    Affiliates can be paid manually one-by-one. Once a payment is completed, you can go back to FirstPromoter and mark it as paid.

Steps to make the payouts

  • Navigate to "Payouts" > "View and pay" or "View all payouts"

  • Select desired payouts and click "Pay" from the bottom or click "Pay all";

  • Select payout method

  • Select how you want to pay and follow the on-screen steps

How to set the desired payout methods in FirstPromoter

  1. Go to "Payouts" section in the left-side menu;

  2. In the right side of the page, select the edit button near the "Payout Methods" section;

  3. Enable/Disable the desired payout methods and "Save Payout Methods"

Payout methods you can choose:


  • to pay one-by-one you'll need just a personal Paypal account. Very simple to get started and works with all plans.

  • to pay in bulk or use our one-click payouts you'll need

    • FirstPromoter Business plan or higher

    • Paypal Business account

    • Paypal has to enable Payouts API for your account
      If you have a new Paypal account, it can take a few weeks to get Payouts API enabled. However, until then, you can use our "Pay one-by-one" flow which should be fast enough, you can pay tens of affiliates in a few minutes per month.


  • You'll need a Wise Business account

  • affiliates need to have a account. However, it's very easy to create a new account and it's totally free.

  • we're currently working to implement One-click automatic payouts with Wise


  • while pay one by one works for any bank, for bulk payouts you need to check with your bank platform

  • we're currently working to implement One-click automatic payouts with Wise


  • the platform you use for making crypto payments might support bulk payments by uploading a CSV file, but this needs to be checked with them first.

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