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Notification settings in FirstPromoter
Notification settings in FirstPromoter

How to select and set your notifications

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FirstPromoter allows Admin Plus and Super Admin roles to configure notification settings to stay informed about important promoter actions. This guide will walk you through the steps to set up notification email addresses and specify the events for which you wish to receive emails.

Accessing Notification Settings

  1. Click on your profile section, in the top right corner;

  2. Select the "Settings" button;

  3. Click on the "Email & Notifications" tab;

  4. Within this section, look for "Notification Settings"

Setting up the notifications

FirstPromoter allows you to receive notifications for various promoter actions. Follow the steps below to customize these settings:

1. Notify when promoters submit leads from their dashboard

  • You will receive an email each time the promoter adds a lead manually from the affiliate dashboard.

2. Notify when a promoter signs up

  • You will receive an email each time a potential promoter registers using the promoters signup link.

3. Notify when a new customer is referred

  • You will receive an email each time a referral makes their first sale (when from lead they become a customer).

4. Notify when target bonus is achieved

  • You will receive an email each time a target reward is generated for a promoter (the bonus for referring a certain number of customers OR a certain amount in revenue)


Setting notifications on multiple email addresses

  1. Within the "Notification Settings", the first thing you will see is "Notification email(s)". This is where you can set the email addresses where notifications will be sent;

  2. If you want to add additional email addresses, you will have to click on "+Add another email";

  3. After adding or updating email addresses, find the "Save" button at the bottom of the page. Click on it to apply the changes.

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