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Emails section in FirstPromoter
Emails section in FirstPromoter

How to configure your emails

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FirstPromoter comes with built-in email features that help you communicate effectively with your promoters. With a rich text email editor and merge tags support, our email tool should provide everything you need to send personalized and engaging emails to your affiliates.

There are two types of emails:

Broadcast Emails

Broadcast emails allows you send instant emails directly from the FirstPromoter, keeping your promoters up to date with any news or announcement your company might have.

How to create a new broadcast email

  1. Click on the "Emails" section in the left-side bard;

  2. Select "Broadcast Emails";

  3. Select "+New Broadcast Email";

  4. Set the "Subject" and "Content" of the email;

  5. Select the campaigns where you want to send that email;

  6. "Send Now" or "Save As Draft" the email.

Additionally, you can send a broadcast email to specific promoters, rather than an entire campaign, by following these steps: Go to "Promoters", select the desired promoters by checking the box on the left for each of them, click "Send Email".

Trigger Emails

Trigger email help you automate the communication with your promoters by setting up emails that are triggered by specific actions. These automated emails help you keep your promoters informed, engaged, and motivated throughout their journey with your referral program.

Each campaign has its dedicated emails, configurable in the "Emails" section on the left menu. By default, each campaign includes at least one email in each section.

How to create a new trigger email

  1. Click on the "Emails" section in the left-side bar;

  2. Select "+New Email";

  3. Set the "Subject" and "Content" of the email;

  4. Select the campaigns where you want to send that email and the trigger action;

  5. "Save" the email.

You can also "Save and send test email" to see what the email will look like. However, please keep in mind that if you add some tags, those won't populate the test email, only the actual emails sent to the promoters

Here's an overview of the trigger actions available in the "Emails" section and what each action does:

1. Promoter Accepted

This email is sent automatically when a promoter is accepted into your program. You can welcome new promoters and provide them with essential information about your program, guidelines, and any specific details they need to know.

Note: The trigger settings help you to send the email with a delay so the promoter can receive it after a certain period of time (such as seconds/minutes/hours/days).

For example, you can create multiple drip emails which are sent after certain hours/days.

You can set the first email to be sent instantly after a promoter is accepted and another one (which can be customized as well) to be sent after 10 days. The latter can serve as a reminder about the affiliate program or provide additional information.

2. Promoter Rejected

It is sent automatically when a promoter's application is rejected. This is commonly used to notify the promoter about the rejection and, if possible, provide reasons or guidance for improvement.

3. Lead Signup

This email is triggered when a lead registers on your website through a promoter's referral link. Acknowledge and thank the promoter for their successful referral, keeping them informed about the progress of their efforts.

4. Reward Created

It is automatically sent when a reward is created for a promoter. Celebrate the achievement with the promoter, and provide more details about it.

5. Payout Completed

It is sent when a payout is completed for a promoter. Confirm the successful payout and express gratitude for the promoter's contribution.

6. Count Reached

This email is triggered when a promoter reaches a predefined number of clicks, referrals, customers, cancellations, or any other count-related goal. Congratulate the promoter on reaching the milestone.

7. Inactivity

Sent when a promoter has been inactive for a specified number of days without generating clicks, referrals, or customers. This can be used to encourage re-engagement, offer incentives, or seek feedback to understand the reasons behind the inactivity.

8. Recurring

This email is automatically sent on a recurring basis (you can set it to either weekly or monthly intervals, at the desired day and time). Usually, the email contains performance updates. These updates typically contain information about the performance of clicks, referrals, conversions or even earnings.


Tags allow you to personalize your emails and provide promoters with relevant and specific information based on their account data and activities within your referral program.

  1. Referral Link
    The personalized link that promoters share to refer leads or customers to your website.

  2. Referral Token
    Unique identifier assigned to each promoter, enabling tracking and attribution of referrals to their account.

  3. Promo Code
    If applicable, this tag displays the unique promotional code associated with the promoter.

  4. Special Offer Name
    Displays the name of any special offer or promotion associated with the promoter.

  5. Per Sale Reward Name
    Name of the reward granted to the promoter for each successful sale referred by them.

  6. Per Target Reached/Bonus Reward Name
    Name of the bonus reward given when a promoter achieves a specified target, such as a certain number of customers or revenue generated.

  7. Referrals Count
    Displays the total count of sign-ups referred by the promoter in a specific campaign.

  8. Customers Count
    Shows the total count of customers referred by the promoter in a specific campaign.

  9. Promoter First and Last Name
    Displays the full name of the promoter.

  10. Promoter First Name
    Displays the first name of the promoter.

  11. Promoter Last Name
    Displays the last name of the promoter.

  12. Promoter Email
    Displays the email address associated with the promoter's account.

  13. Promoter Temporary Password
    If applicable, displays a temporary password that can be used by the promoter for account access.

  14. Amounts Owed to the Promoter
    Displays the total amount owed to the promoter.

  15. Amounts Paid to the Promoter
    Displays the total amount already paid to the promoter.

  16. Referrals Count (all campaigns)
    Displays the total count of sign-ups referred by the promoter in all campaigns.

  17. Customers Count (all campaigns)
    Shows the total count of customers referred by the promoter in all campaigns.

  18. Clicks Count (all campaigns)
    Displays the total count of unique clicks on the referral links in all campaigns.

  19. Default Referral Link (all campaigns)
    Shows all the default referral links of a promoter in all campaigns.

  20. All Referral Links (all campaigns)
    Shows all the referral links (not only default referral link) of a promoter in all campaigns.

  21. Campaign Name
    This tag displays the name of the campaign associated with the promoter.

  22. Promoters' Login URL
    This tag dynamically populates with the URL of the page where promoters can log in to access their dashboard.

  23. Last Week/Month Clicks Count
    This tag shows the number of clicks generated in the last week/month.

  24. Last Week/Month Referrals Count
    This tag shows the number of referrals tracked in the last week/month.

  25. Last Week/Month Customers Count
    This tag displays the number of customers tracked in the last week/month.

  26. Last Week/Month Promoter Earnings Amount
    This tag displays the commission amount generated by the promoter in the last week/month.

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