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Referrals statuses in FirstPromoter
Referrals statuses in FirstPromoter

How can I differentiate between the statuses of referrals?

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In FirstPromoter you can differentiate between the referrals so you and your promoters can see which state are they in.
One key aspect of tracking your referrals is understanding the various statuses that they can have. In this guide, we'll walk you through the different referral statuses in FirstPromoter.

1. Signup (or Lead)

This status indicates that a user has registered through a referral link, but no sale has been made yet. It represents a potential customer or lead in your system.

At this stage, the user is in the early phase of engagement. Your promoter may want to nurture and encourage them to make their first purchase.

2. Active (or Customer)

Once a referral has successfully made at least one sale, their status changes to "Active." This status signifies a converted lead who has become a paying customer.

3. Cancelled

A referral moves to the "Cancelled" status if they have canceled their subscription or opted out of your services.

This status allows you to keep track of customer churn. You may use this information to analyze reasons for cancellation and implement retention strategies.

4. Pending

Referrals enter the "Pending" status when they are added to FirstPromoter manually by the promoters, but require verification by an admin before being accepted or rejected.

Admins can review and verify the referral, ensuring information accuracy before accepting or rejecting the referral. This helps when checking if the referral indeed signed up with the help of a promoter.

5. Disabled

Disabling a referral sets its status to "Disabled", indicating that no further sales will be tracked, and no new rewards will be assigned for additional sales from this referral.

This status is useful when you want to halt tracking for a specific referral, perhaps due to fraud concerns or other reasons.

6. Moved

Referrals can be moved from one promoter to another or from one campaign to another (within the same promoter). This status change reflects the referral's new association.

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