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How to customize promoter rewards individually in FirstPromoter
How to customize promoter rewards individually in FirstPromoter

Set custom offers and rewards for each promoter individually

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In FirstPromoter, customizing rewards for individual promoters doesn't require creating a separate campaign.

This is for FirstPromoter v2, if you are still using v1, please check this article

You can easily adjust commission levels to specific promoters by following these steps:

  • Access the promoters overview page within your FirstPromoter account;

  • Scroll down until you find the "Rewards for promoter" section (if the promoter is added in multiple campaigns, make sure to select the desired campaign first, in order to see the reward block) and click on the "Customize" option located in the right corner of the "Rewards for promoters" box;

  • Click on the "Edit/Pencil" option to modify the current rewards for promoters;

  • Or if you want to add an additional reward, select "Add sale reward";

  • Make sure to save the changes.

Promoters with custom rewards will display a specific tag in the Promoters section for easier identification

By following these easy steps, you can edit rewards and incentives to individual promoters without the need to create separate campaigns, allowing to more flexible customization options!

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