Fulfilment Pending (fulfilment_pending) webhook
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The 'fulfilment_pending' webhook is fired when rewards are prepared for fulfilment. Non-monetary rewards like credits, free months, etc, rewards enter in fulfilment as soon as they are approved.

In case you have the "Auto-approve rewards" checked for the campaign, the webhook will be fired right after the reward is attributed.

How to respond to this webhook call

  • respond with status 200 - we consider that you fulfilled the reward(like added the free subscription months or free credits) on your end and we will mark the fulfilment as "completed" on our end.

  • respond with status 2xx(except 200) - we will keep the fulfilment marked as pending on our end, nothing will actually happen.

  • respond with any other status - we consider as an error and will keep retrying for 7 times during the day

The most important data sent with the webhook event payload:


This object contains information about the event webhook. The most important fields are:

  • id - eq. "5367" - webhook event id

  • type - eq. "fulfilment_pending" - webhook event type. All webhooks contain the event.type field, you need to use this field in a condition to determine the actions needed to take for this kind of webhook.

  • created_at - eq. "2017-10-13T15:46:01.606Z" - date and time when the event occurred.


This object contains the data of the object who determined the event.

  • id - eq. "90" - fulfilment object id

  • status - eq. "pending" - current state of the fulfilment. Most likely it will be "pending" in this case.

  • date_paid - "null" in this case since the fulfilment is pending

  • amount - eq. "20" - amount of the reward fulfilled. If the reward is "20 credits", here you will see "20".

  • unit - eq. "credits" or "free_months" or "cash" - the reward unit. For "20 credits", here you will see "credits"

  • campaign - JSON containing campaign information

  • promoter - JSON containing information about the promoter who referred the lead.

Promoter JSON :

  • id - eq. "234" - id of the promoter

  • cust_id - eq "23452" - an ID to help you identify the promoter in you system in case he/she is a customer/user.

  • auth_token - eq "da954kn43856nacueroytnjrwg46k5" - authentication token

  • earnings_balance - eq. "{'cash' : 20000}" or "{'free_month' : 2} or "{'credits' : 20}- JSON containing the total amount of rewards promoter earned

  • current_balance - JSON containing remaining amounts after payments/fulfillments

  • paid_balance - JSON containing paid/fulfilled amounts

  • email - promoter email

  • temp_password - eq. "dsf23fd3" - temporary password generated - can be used for login only if the promoter sign up page doesn't include the password field and promoter hasn't set his own password

  • profile - eq. "{'first_name':'John', 'website':'mywebsite.com'}" - JSON containing information about the promoter including name, website, social accounts, etc

To add a webhook in FirstPromoter, you will need to access Campaigns - Edit Campaign - Finish - Show extra options (campaign level-up and webhooks) - Webhook URLs - Add the desired webhook URL and test it by clicking on "Test webhook" - Save.

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