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What are campaigns?
What are campaigns?

How you can use Campaigns in FirstPromoter

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Campaigns in FirstPromoter allow you to set different reward structures and emails for your promoters. For instance, your basic promoters might have a dedicated campaign with a specific reward, like a $50 reward per sale, while influencers, individuals of high authority in their fields, might have a 25% recurring commission.

This is for FirstPromoter v2, if you are still using v1, please check this article

Each campaign comes with its unique set of emails, a dedicated promoter signup page and an affiliate dashboard.

All your promoters (affiliates) are associated with their respective campaigns through referral ID/token. A promoter can have multiple referral ID/token, allowing them to simultaneously run multiple campaigns, each with its unique referral link. For example, a promoter can participate in both the "Referral program" and "Affiliate program" campaigns, each offering different types of rewards.

In addition, you can create private campaigns for specific events, such as limited-time deals or conferences, and selectively invite specific affiliates.

When should you create multiple campaigns? It's advisable to set up multiple campaigns when different groups of promoters require different rewards. If you have only a small number of promoters (2-5) for whom you want to provide different commission, there's no need to create a new campaign; instead, you can customize the commission for each of those promoters manually.

For more details on managing multiple campaigns, you can click here.

To test new campaigns you create, or if you're looking for information on a sandbox mode, you can find more details here.

Note: The Starter plan allows 2 campaigns. Once this limit is reached, the "+ New campaign" button will no longer be available.

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