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Promoters settings in FirstPromoter
Promoters settings in FirstPromoter

How to customize promoters settings

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FirstPromoter offers a range of customizable settings to help you in managing your affiliate program effectively. By configuring these options, you can enhance the security, functionality and communication with your affiliates.

Fraud Protection

Within "Settings" - "Others" find and locate "Fraud Protection"​

  1. By enabling the reCAPTCHA feature, you can filter the bots or fake registrations on your promoter sign-up form;

  2. For security reasons, you can set a maximum amount for automatic approval to ensure that no fraudulent charges are rewarded. Any amount higher than the specified limit will require manual review and approval.

Promoter Dashboard additional features

Within "Settings" - "Affiliate Portal" find and locate "Promoter Options"

1. Configure referral tokens as random or not, depending on your preference;

If this option is disabled, the referral token is personalized by combining the first name with two-digit numbers.

Random referral token enabled:

Random referral token disabled:

2. You can ask your promoters to add the W9/W8-BEN form on their affiliate dashboard;

Please keep in mind that PayPal already asks for the forms from their end, so if you pay the promoters using that payout method, you don't need to collect the forms in FirstPromoter. For more details about it you can check our help article here

3. Enable or disable the masking of referral emails for your promoters. This feature is used for privacy reasons;

4. Set adding a payout method mandatory for promoters before being able to access their affiliate account.

Promoter Emails Settings - Customizing Communication with Promoters

Within "Settings" - "Email & Notifications" find and locate "Promoter Emails Settings"

  1. Enable this option to send a confirmation email to promoters. This step ensures that promoters confirm their email addresses before gaining access to the dashboard;

  2. Choose between two options to set the FROM email address domain (DNS or SMTP). This allows you to send emails from your own domain for a more branded and professional appearance.

  3. Set the 'Reply-to' email address, which determines where responses will be directed when promoters reply to emails;

  4. Personalize the 'From' name that appears in the sender field of emails sent to promoters.

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