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How to automatically generate tracking coupon codes in Stripe using FirstPromoter
How to automatically generate tracking coupon codes in Stripe using FirstPromoter

Automatically create tracking coupon codes in Stripe using FirstPromoter

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Tracking coupon codes are a powerful tool to monitor and boost your affiliate sales. Affiliates will receive unique promotion codes, allowing FirstPromoter to attribute commissions with 100% tracking accuracy based on the promotion code used at the time of purchase.

FirstPromoter makes it easy to generate these codes and sync them with Stripe.

This guide will walk you through the steps to enable tracking coupon codes.

Step 1. Set the coupon reward for a campaign

This option will enable the same discount for all promoters in a campaign.

However, if you prefer not to enable coupons for the entire campaign or if you wish to provide different discounts to specific promoters, skip to step 2.

  • In your FirstPromoter dashboard, go to the "Campaigns" section;

  • Click on the three small dots to the right of the desired campaign and select "Edit Campaign";

  • Go to "Rewards setup" > "Rewards setup for referrals" > "+Add Reward";

  • Select "+Create a new reward" and choose "New Stripe Coupon";

  • Set the coupon details like duration or discount amount

  • Click on Save, and then make sure to select Add selected reward below

Note: Leave the "Campaign Promotion code" field empty if you want to track sales using individual coupon codes. This field is intended for using a single coupon code across all promoters, which needs to be shared along with the referral link.

Step 2. Create the coupon codes

Coupon codes can be added either by the company through the admin dashboard or by affiliates via the affiliates dashboard. This will automatically create Stripe promotion codes for the selected coupon.

Create Tracking Coupon Codes from admin dashboard

  • Navigate to the "Promoters" section and click on the promoter for whom you want to create a coupon code;

  • Go to "Tracking Coupons" > "+Create coupon code";

  • Enter the desired name for the coupon in the "Tracking coupon code" field;

  • Select the desired coupon reward. If you want to provide a different discount that is not in the list, you can create a new coupon reward.

  • Click "Add Coupon Code". Once created, the coupon code will be automatically synced with Stripe;

Add Multiple Coupon Codes (Optional)

  • If you want to add more coupon codes for the same promoter, click the small "+" sign to the right of the newly added coupon code.

Note: Affiliates will be able to customize / personalize the code of the coupons (but not the discount amount) if "Can manage tracking coupons" option is enabled under "Configure Affiliate Portal" > "Dashboard" > "Tracking Coupons".

Allow affiliates to create their own Coupon Codes

For promoters to create or customize their own coupon code, two conditions must be met:

  1. Campaign or promoter needs to have a coupon reward set (Step 1 above)

  2. You are allowing promoters to manage coupons codes themselves. This option can be found on "Campaigns" > Press on the 3 small dots > "Configure Affiliate Portal" > "Dashboard" > "Tracking Coupons" > "Can manage tracking coupons" checkbox

Here's a short demo on how affiliates can create or customize their own coupon codes:


By following these steps, you can easily enable tracking coupon codes using FirstPromoter and automatically create them in Stripe. This setup not only helps in tracking sales but also incentivizes promoters and referrals effectively. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team.

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