FirstPromoter lets you pay using any provider or method you like as long you mark the payouts as completed, but we have a few options that are much faster.

Here are the payouts options FirstPromoter gives you:

  1. Paypal Payouts (fastest) - directly from FirstPromoter dashboard using Paypal Payouts API. The process is automated, there's no need to log in to Paypal or mark the payouts as paid.

  2. Wise Batch Payments - by uploading a CSV file to

  3. Paypal MassPay - by uploading a CSV file with payouts to Paypal

  4. Banks - manually one-by-one or uploading a CSV file with payouts to your Transferwise account or your bank app (if it supports bulk payouts)

  5. Other methods - paying manually and marking payouts as paid in FirstPromoter

There are 2 steps required to handle the payouts with FirstPromoter:

  1. Generating the payouts. Done automatically according to the payout terms set on the campaign. More details.

  2. Paying and marking the payouts as paid(presented below).

Paying affiliates using Paypal Payouts*

Paypal Payouts is the fastest and cheapest way to pay up to multiple affiliates at once. After the initial setup, you can pay any affiliate securely without leaving FirstPromoter.

To use this feature you'll need:
a) Paypal Business account
b) Have Paypal Payouts integration set up properly. More details here on how to set it up.

Once the integration is set and direct payments is enabled, you can start paying your affiliates:

  1. go to Payouts > Pending

  2. select the pending payouts you want to pay or simply click 'Pay payouts' to pay all of them.

  3. Click the green 'Pay now' button. Note that only 'Super-admins' are able to make payouts and only if you have direct payments enabled.

  4. Grab your mobile phone, open the 2FA app (Google Authenticator, Authy or any other app you used when you enabled Direct Payouts on FirstPromoter) and enter the generated security token

  5. Click 'Confirm and pay'

If everything is successful, payouts will start processing. In a few minutes you can refresh the page and see the results. If you have failed payouts, check their error and contact us.

* this feature is available only for Business plans and up.

Paying affiliates using Wise Batch Paymens is a new payment service that lets you easily and cheaply pay your affiliates that don't want or can't use Paypal. You'll need a Wise Business account and the affiliates need to have any account (both accounts can be created for free). The payments are made to the Wise account email.

How to use the Wise payouts feature:

  1. Go to Payouts > View all payouts (or select "View" on a month)

  2. Select the pending payouts you want to pay or select "Wise" from the left

  3. Click the green "Pay payouts" button on top-right

  4. Click "Download CSV" (don't close the tab/page)

  5. Upload the downloaded file to Wise (log in to your Wise Business Account > go to "Batch payments")

  6. Verify and make the payment.

  7. Go back to FirstPromoter and click "Mark as paid"

Paying affiliates using Paypal Mass Payments

Paypal Mass Payments is another quick way to pay multiple affiliates at once if you can't / don't want to use our direct Paypal Payouts feature. Here you can find more information about it. In order to use Paypal Mass payment you need:

a) Paypal Business account

b) A  file with amounts to pay for each affiliates which is generated by FirstPromoter.

How to generate the Paypal Mass Payment file with FirstPromoter

  1. Go to your Payouts > View all payouts (or click "View" on a month)

  2. Select the pending payouts you want to pay. You can also click Paypal on the left tab to select all payouts that can be paid using Paypal.

  3. Click the green button on top-right "Pay payouts"

  4. Click "Download CSV"

  5. Upload the downloaded file to Paypal (log in to Paypal and go to Tools > Mass Payments). 

  6. After you make the payment click on "Mark as Paid" on FirstPromoter in order to register all the payments:

Paying affiliates through banks or other methods

To pay one ore more affiliates that have pending payouts generated:

  1. go to Payouts > Pending

  2. find the affiliate(s) and select them

  3. Click the green button on top-right "Pay x payouts"

  4. If you have enabled bank payouts and affiliates added their bank details, you can download them as CSV(click "Download as CSV") and upload it to your bank online application. You may need to edit the CSV file a bit, depending on what format/columns your bank accepts for bulk payments.

  5. Once the payment is done, click "Mark as paid"

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