NOTE: We are not handling the money transfer/transaction for your company we just do the tracking.

This means we are not transfering money from your Stripe account to your affiliates' bank or from your Paypal account to affiliates' Paypal account or bank account. However we offer alternatives that are both cheap and fast.

FirstPromoter allows you to pay through any payment provider you want, including bank, cash, etc as long you mark the payouts as completed, but we recommend using Paypal Mass Payments to pay multiple affiliates at once (it takes 5 minutes/month to pay hundreds of affiliates).

There are 2 steps required to handle the payouts with FirstPromoter:

  1. Generating the payouts. Done automatically according to the payout terms set on the campaign. More details.
  2. Paying and marking the payouts as paid(presented below).

Paying affiliates using Paypal Mass Payments

FirstPromoter uses Paypal Mass Payments as a quick way to pay multiple affiliates at once. Here you can find more information about it. In order to use Paypal Mass payment you need:

a) Paypal Business account

b) A  file with amounts to pay for each affiliates which is generated by FirstPromoter.

How to generate the Paypal Mass Payment file with FirstPromoter

  1. go to your Payouts > Unpaid
  2. select the pending payouts you want to pay. You can click Paypal on the left tab to select all payouts that can be paid using Paypal.
  3. Click the green button on top-right "Pay x payouts"
  4. Click "Download CSV"
  5. Upload the downloaded file to Paypal (login to Paypal and go to Tools > Mass Payments). 
  6. After you make the payment click on "Mark as Paid" on FirstPromoter in order to register all the payments:

Paying affiliates through banks or other methods

To pay one ore more affiliates that have pending payouts generated:

  1. go to Payouts > Unpaid
  2. find the affiliate(s) and select them
  3. Click the green button on top-right "Pay x payouts"
  4. If you have enabled bank payouts and affiliates added their bank details, you can download them as CSV(click "Download as CSV") and upload it to your bank online application. You may need to edit the CSV file a bit, depending on what format/columns your bank accepts for bulk payments.
  5. Once the payment is done, click "Mark as paid"

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