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How payouts work in FirstPromoter
How payouts work in FirstPromoter

How payouts are generated and when to pay them

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In the busy world of affiliate marketing, it's super important to have a good way to pay out rewards. FirstPromoter has a system for payouts that's both detailed and easy to use. Let's see how payouts work.

This is for FirstPromoter v2, if you are still using v1, please check this article

What are payouts?

Payouts are sums of commissions for a specific month. For ex. if you have 3 commissions of $10 for the entire month of March, there will be a payout of $30 for the month of March.

Once a month ends, payouts for that month will be generated and can be visible in "Payouts" section of the promoter. For ex. in April 1st, if you click on a promoter and go to "Payouts" section, you'll see the payout for March. (screenshot/video).

When payouts are paid?

For our default payout terms, NET-30, payout for the current month will be paid next month on 30th. For ex March payout (all commissions generated during March) will be paid on 30th of April.

To make this simple, we grouped the payouts into two categories. You can find them on "Payouts" section on the sidebar:

  • "Next payouts" - payouts you have to pay next, usually in a few days

  • "Overdue payouts" - payouts that you missed to pay

If there is no next payouts card it means there are no payouts to make for this payment cycle. If there is no overdue card, there are no missed payouts.

Payout terms

Payout terms help you set a delay or time window to prevent paying commissions for refunded charges. If your refund period is 30 days, we recommend the NET-30 payout term, which means that due date (date when payment is made) is 30 days after month ends. However, you can also set NET-15, NET-45 or NET-60;

Note: To set the payout terms, you will have to go to "Payouts" section and click on the edit button in the right of "Payout methods"

Minimum payment amount

FirstPromoter lets you set a threshold for making the payment. If a promoter hasn't earned more than the minimum amount set on the previous month, payout won't appear on "Next payouts" group.

For ex. if minimum is set at $100 and the promoter earned on March only $30, they won't be included in the payment due on 30th of April. However, if they earn $70 or more during April, the total meets the threshold and it will be included in May 30th payment.

Note: To set the allowed payout methods for your promoters, you will have to go to "Payouts" section and click on the edit button in the right of "Payout methods"

Pay your promoters

More details on how to pay your promoters can be found in here

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