How to add rewards/commissions manually?
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FirstPromoter allows you to manually assign sales and commissions to your affiliates in case you tracked the affiliate sales through other means.

There are 2 type of rewards you can attribute to the affiliate:

1) Conversion reward - generated when a sale happens and it's linked to a lead/customer

2) Custom reward - used to give bonuses or to do balance adjustments

1) Conversion(sale) rewards

There are 2 ways to add conversion rewards/commissions:

  • go to the promoter overview page, scroll down and click on the button called "Add rewards manually".Β 

  • on the Customers and Leads section, click on the item menu() then click on "Assign sale and reward"

FirstPromoter will calculate the correct reward/commission based on the Conversion Amount(sale total) and Plan ID(if you use plan-level rewards). If you don't want to let FirstPromoter calculate the commission and you want add an exact commission/reward amount, click on "Custom Reward" tab on top.

Event ID should be the invoice id and Event date the date when the charge took place or when the invoice was paid.

Conversion Rewards needs to be assigned to a lead which is already added on FirstPromoter. If the lead is not added, you can add it manually.

Please keep in mind:

  • past commissions of a customer need to be added manually, FirstPromoter can't automatically add commissions from the past

  • once a lead is added inside FirstPromoter and its email matches billing provider customer email or the uid matches the billing provider customer id, commissions will be tracked automatically going forward, you don't have to add them manually

2) Custom rewards

To add custom rewards go to go to the promoter overview page, scroll down and click on the button called "Add rewards manually". On the new window, click "Custom Reward" tab on top-right side.

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