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How to Embed the Promoter Signup Page into Your Website
How to Embed the Promoter Signup Page into Your Website

Embed the affiliate signup page on your website

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With FirstPromoter you can embed the affiliate portal inside your website to benefit entirely from your own navigation links.

This is for FirstPromoter v2, if you are still using v1, please check this article.
โ€‹You need to be on the business plan and above.

Step 1

You need to set up the custom domain for your dashboard. If you don't have one setup already, kindly follow this guide.

Step 2

Add an iframe tag inside the page you want your affiliates to sign up or login like this:

<iframe height="850px" width="100%" frameborder="0" src="https://<yoursubdomain>.<yourdomain>.com" allow="clipboard-write"></iframe>

Embed Sign-Up Page for a Specific Campaign

If you have multiple campaigns, you can change the src URL of the iframe code to point to a specific campaign. You can find the campaign-specific URL from the Promoters section> click on "Get login and signup links" > click on the "Copy link" button on your preferred campaign.

By following these steps, you can embed the FirstPromoter signup page into your website, providing a cohesive experience for your affiliates. If you want to take it a step further and log your promoters in automatically, check out this guide.

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