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Reports overview
Reports overview
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FirstPromoter offers 18 data points during different periods which gives you a much better picture of how your affiliate or referral program performs.

This is for FirstPromoter v2, if you are still using v1, please check this article

Click here for a detailed list of all columns/fields and how they are calculated.

Currently we have 5 reports you can analyze:

  • Overview - contains the data aggregated from all campaigns and promoters (updated every 3 minutes);

  • Campaigns performance - contains data for each individual campaign (updated every 3 minutes);

  • Promoters performance - contains data for each individual promoter who has at least one referral. Promoters that haven't referred anyone until the last update aren't included in the report. This report is updated daily at midnight. In the UI you can see top 20 promoters but you can download the full report;

  • Traffic sources - contains top traffic sources and their performance aggregated by different time intervals (updated once per day);

  • Landing page - contains the performance of your landing pages aggregated by different time intervals (updated once per day).

Reporting period

We pre-set 3 periods for each report but you can use the "Custom" tab to set up your own interval and grouping type.

Available fields

By default there are 6 columns visible. You can click the the select box where it says "Show Columns" to show more columns or hide others.

Ordering / Sorting the data

By default data is sorted by revenue, highest first. You can click on the column names to sort the data by other fields.

For campaigns and promoters report, sorting is made at the campaigns or promoters level. For example, if you sort promoters report by net-revenue column for the "Last 8 weeks" period, promoters that have the highest net-revenue in the last 8 weeks in total will appear first.

Downloading reports

Click on the blue "Download" button on top right to open the download section. There are 2 download options:

  • CSV - download data as CSV.

  • Total as CSV - download data as CSV but for Promoters and Campaigns reports the columns will be summed up for each group

  • JSON - download data in JSON format. Here you can select multiple columns, not just one.

The date range and grouping setup is the same as the one you set on the main table, but you can select to download different fields.

Tip for report analysis

For Promoters and Campaigns report, you can import the CSV on Google Sheets and use Pivot tables to get a better overview of the data. For example if you want to see the period as columns and promoter emails as row, you can set the Google Sheets pivot table like this:

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