Before starting, make sure you are on FirstPromoter Chargebee integration setup, either by going to Settings > Integrations > Chargebee > Setup or from the Quick Setup Wizard from Getting Started section. Make sure you see this:

Set Chargebee Webhooks

  1. Login to Chargebee and go to Settings > Webhook Settings
  2. Click 'Add new webhook' button on top right(if it's visible)
  3. On Webhook name set something like 'FirstPromoter'
  4. On the Webhook URL, paste the Webhook Endpoint URL value from FirstPromoter integration setup
  5. Select API version - V2
  6. Check 'Exclude card object from webhook call'
  7. Click 'Create Webhook'
  8. Back to FirstPromoter, on 'Site' field, enter your Chargebee subdomain(look at the URL bar, if your URL is your site is 'mycompany')
  9. Click 'Save'
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