How to suspend or ban a promoter?
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FirstPromoter lets you block an affiliate if they break your affiliate terms and you want to stop tracking any traffic they send to a referral link.

You can either ban the promoter which will stop tracking everything, including recurring commissions from already referred customers or you can remove the promoter from a campaign which will stop the tracking of new clicks and customers, but the recurring commissions will continue as usual.

1. Banning the promoter completely from a campaign

All tracking will be completely stopped, including new clicks, signups, customers and recurring commission from existing customers.

To do this click on the promoter name to reach the promoter's overview page. Once you're there click on the "hamburger" menu icon for the campaign you want to ban and select 'Block/ban'. Check the screenshot below. You can un-block the user from the same menu by clicking "Activate/Add back"

2. Remove a promoter from a campaign to stop tracking new clicks and signups

Only tracking of new clicks and signups will be stopped, recurring commissions for existing customers will not stop.

You can achieve this from the same menu where you ban the promoter just that now you choose "Remove" instead of "Block/ban".

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