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How to configure PayPal Payouts
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This guide will help you set up the integration with PayPal Payouts API that will allow you to pay your affiliates quickly, in bulk, directly from FirstPromoter dashboard.


  1. A Paypal business account

  2. Payouts need to be enabled for your PayPal account. We'll show you below how to check and how to enable them.

  3. Be subscribed to FirstPromoter Business or Enterprise plans. On Starter plan and Free trial this feature is not available.

Step 1

Go to PayPal Developers page and Log In to the developer dashboard by clicking the 'Log into dashboard' link from top-right side of the page.

Step 2

Access "My account" on the right (on the top right corner, the name of the account can be seen, which needs to be clicked) and scroll down until you see the "Permissions" table. Check if on the last row "Payouts" you see a green checkmark on the Live column or "Enable" like in the screenshot below. If you see the "Enable" link, click on it. Usually they will ask you to contact PayPal and make a request to enable the Payouts API feature for your account.

Activating this feature may take from several hours to several days. You'll get an email once it's activated and you can login back to Paypal dashboard like in Step 1.

Step 3

Click on "Apps and Credentials" from the menu. Next, click on the "Live" button on the right side, then on the "Create app" button. On the 'App name' field you can enter "FirstPromoter payouts" and click again "Create app".

Step 4

After the app is created you'll see the details required to connect FirstPromoter to PayPal (check the screenshot below).

Note: If you see "Live/Sandbox" on top right after creating the app, make sure "Live" is selected.

  • Copy the "Client ID" value and "Secret key 1". Paste them to the corresponding fields back on FirstPromoter's PayPal integration form.

    If you don't have PayPal integration setup open, log in to FirstPromoter, go to Payouts section > click "Configure PayPal payouts" > click "Integration setup" link from the top-right side.

  • Once the Client ID and Secret key 1 is filled, copy the "Webhook Endpoint URL" field, you'll need to paste it later on PayPal Webhook Url. Do not click "Save" yet.

Step 5

For us to know when a payout is completed or failed, you need to connect PayPal webhooks with FirstPromoter.

Switching back to PayPal app, scroll down and click "Add webhook" button.

Step 6

After you click "Add webhook", paste the "Webhook URL" you copied previously on Step 4 (from FirstPromoter PayPal integration form) to the "Webhook URL" field.

Next, scroll down and check all checkboxes that start with "Payment payouts-item" (there are 9 of them, all grouped together) and "Payment payoutsbatch denied" (all of them can be found in the "Payments & Payouts" section) so 10 in total, exactly like in the screenshot below.

Scroll down a bit more until you see the "Save" button and click it.

Step 7

Copy the "Webhook ID" value after you added the webhook and paste it back on FirstPromoter PayPal integration form into the "Webhook ID" field. Click Save.

Step 8 (final step)
If the save is successful it means we could connect to PayPal API correctly and the API connection is working.

You'll get redirected back to "Configure PayPal payouts" panel where you need to click the switch to enable direct payments. Follow the on screen instructions to set up the security token and save the form.

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