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How payouts work
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FirstPromoter takes the same popular approach as affiliate networks, resellers and payment providers take with their payouts - generating a payout for a specific interval and making the actual payment at a later date. This is mostly used to cover chargebacks, refunds and other issues that might occur.

FirstPromoter allows you to select the payout terms, how late/when you want to pay and will notify you when the payouts are due for each campaign. For ex. you can pay commissions generated during January on 20th of February - this is a Net-20 payout term(the default), very popular among professional affiliates. 

Some companies prefer to pay 30 days later(Net-30), others 60 days later (Net-60, paying on April 1st commissions from January).

How payouts are generated

For each new new campaign created on FirstPromoter, by default, on first day of each month, all unpaid approved commissions generated by the affiliates are summed up and added as a "Pending payout" on Payouts section. 

For ex. if there's no minimum payout set, all pending payouts created on 1st of February represent all approved and unpaid commissions generated during January.

If there is a minimum payout on the campaign, the payout is generated only if the unpaid balance on 1st of the month is over the minimum payout balance. Click here for more details.

How to pay and complete pending payouts

Click here to learn how to pay your promoters

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