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Managing affiliate agreements
Managing affiliate agreements

How to set up or update your affiliate terms and conditions

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FirstPromoter lets you set up different affiliate terms and conditions for different campaigns or promoters. If you need custom terms or a separate agreement for a promoter (like for a different commission rate or more relaxed conditions), you can easily apply a custom agreement only for that promoter.

When changes are made to an agreement, the affiliate has to review and agree to the new terms before using the affiliate dashboard. We automatically handle all of this with FirstPromoter so you don't have to worry about it.

In case of audits or legal requirements, we keep a record of the exact version of the document the promoter agreed to, agree date and IP.

Note that we don't provide any affiliate terms and conditions template. It's an important legal matter that should be handled by a lawyer, each company and country has different requirements.

How to set up your affiliate agreement

  1. Click the Settings button on top - right of the screen

  2. Go to "Others" tab and click "Manage agreements"

  3. Click on "New agreement"

  4. Enter a name for the agreement and select for which campaigns this applies to

  5. Paste the content of the affiliate agreement

  6. Click "Preview" button below to check if it shows up correctly

  7. Click "Save"

NOTE: Each time you modify the affiliate agreement content, the affiliate will have to re-agree to it, so please make sure you have the right version before clicking the "Save" button.

How to update your existing agreement?

If you used our old agreement feature and you want to update your agreement, you need to add the new agreement on the "Agreements" section following the steps above.

If you already used this feature and want to introduce new terms affiliates need to accept, you just need to edit (click on the 3 dots on last column > Edit agreement) the agreement content or link address and hit save. We'll recognize the changes as a new version and ask affiliates to re-agree when they go back to the affiliate dashboard.

This is what affiliate will see when the log in back (of course, with your dashboard theme applied):

Promoters added by API or Zapier

If promoters are added through API or Zapier and the campaign where they are added has an agreement applied to it, FirstPromoter will ask the promoters when they log in to agree to the agreement. It will look exactly like in the screenshot above.

This way, we make sure that everyone agreed to your terms and we have audit trails to back it up.

Viewing which promoters agreed to your latest version of the agreement

FirstPromoter lets you see which promoters agreed and haven't agreed yet to your new agreement / latest agreement version. The "Agreed" and "Waiting to agree" columns shows the count and if you click the "View documents" button on the last column, you'll see the exact name of the promoters that agreed or haven't agreed, including the date they agreed.

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