What are Promotions?
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We usually say that a promoter who is promoting a campaign by sharing a referral link or promo code is doing a promotion.

Promotions are the link between your promoters(or affiliates) and your campaigns. When a promoter signs up(or it's created by you) and accepted to a campaign, FirstPromoter automatically creates a promotion for that promoter and assigns a referral link.

A promotion is defined by its referral link and can have an offer(like discount to promoter friends) and rewards(like affiliate commission) associated to it. Promotions are like "mini-campaigns", but just specific to that promoter.

Both offer and rewards settings are inherited from the offer and rewards you set in the campaign, but they can be changed individually for each promotion, which will override the offer and rewards set in the campaign. 

For example if you add a promoter to 2 campaigns it will have 2 promotions. If you want to give a higher commission only to this promoter for one of the campaigns, you edit the corresponding promotion referral reward.

Promotions without an offer or with an inactive offer

Offers are usually discounts or other perks like free credits given not to the promoter, but to his audience, friends or followers.

In the Promotions section you can see 2 tabs on the right, one called "No/Inactive offer" the other one called "Active offer". This will filter out promotions with active and inactive offers:

  • Promotion without an offer - you haven't set an offer when you created the campaign

  • Promotion with an inactive offer - you have set an offer, but it is not available to the promoter. This happens usually when you haven't added the "Promo code"(a discount coupon value). If you see the 'Set promo code' link on the 'Promo code' column you need to set a unique promo code for each promotion individually to activate the offer and make it visible to your promoters.

  • Promotion with active offer - the offer is available to your promoters and it's visible on the promoter dashboard.

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