How to use your own domain for the promoter dashboard and sign-up page?
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On FirstPromoter we offer the option to use your own domain. This comes in handy when you want your affiliates to still feel they are still on your website or if you want to embed the affiliate dashboard into your website. Rather than using the default "," you have the option to use your custom subdomain, such as "" or "", or any other subdomain of your choosing.

Note: This feature is available only for Business plans or higher.

To achieve this, please follow these steps:

Step 1)

Go to your DNS provider and create a CNAME record pointing to "".
​Note: If you want to use Cloudflare proxy (with the orange cloud activated) please contact us first, do not point it yourself as this will create SSL certificates conflicts and the website will stop working.

Step 2)

Open the Settings page (top-right button) and enter the subdomain you just set the CNAME for into the "Your website subdomain for the affiliate/referral program" field. Save the settings.

Step 3)

Wait for a few minutes, then do a test to the new address (the first request may take up to 30 seconds to resolve).

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