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How to embed the promoter dashboard inside your website and log your users in automatically
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You can embed the entire promoter dashboard inside your website and automatically log in your promoters, without requiring them to enter an email or password.
* Require custom domain to be set up and Business plan subscription

  1. Grab the "auth_token" for the promoter and save it on your system.
    There are 2 ways to get the "auth_token":

    a) When you create the Promoter via the API you'll get in the JSON response the "auth_token" value. Save the "auth_token" to the corresponding user object on your system.

    b) From the promoter_accepted webhook. If you don't handle the Promoter creation using the API, you can still get the "auth_token" from the webhook notification we send you when a promoter signs up from our sign up form. You will need to save the "auth_token" somewhere in your system.

  2. Make sure you have set your on custom domain to serve the affiliate dashboard. More information here

  3. Embed affiliate dashboard as an iframe in your website and append the "auth_token" for the current sign in user.

    IMPORTANT: Make sure the iframe is added inside a protected area of your website which is not available to search engines or general public. For enhanced security, you can refresh the tokens via API .

    This is the iframe code you need to insert to a logged in area on your website (replace {{auth_token}} with the auth_token previously saved in your system):

<iframe height="850px" width="100%" frameborder="0" src="https://<>/iframe?at={{auth_token}}"></iframe>
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