How to set up a multiple-levels rewards scheme?
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Multiple-levels rewards scheme looks something like this:

  • for 1 to 20 customers affiliate gets 20% commission

  • for 21 to 50 customers affiliate gets 25% commission

  • for 51 to 100 customer affiliates gets 30% commission and so on.

To not be confused with multi-tiered commission feature, with parent affiliates and sub-affiliates. 

Step 1) Setting up the campaigns for each level

For each level you need to create a new campaign. Start with the first level, set up the corresponding reward and save the campaign. Do not set any special options for the campaigns, we'ill get back to them.

Step 2) Setting up the levels and level up targets

Start by editing the first campaign(first level),  set any other options you have left until you reach the "Finish" tab. Once you are there click on the "Show extra options(campaign level-up, cookies, webhooks)" button.

On "Level up promoters to another campaign" field select the campaign corresponding to the next level and set the number for customers to reach for the level up to take place. Basically, when a promoter brings that number of customers, it will be moved to the next campaign, keeping the old referral link and referral id.

Do this for each campaign, except the last since there's no other campaign to level up to.

Step 3) Setting up the emails

Each campaign has its own emails that can be set up on "Emails" section. By default, each campaign will have at least one email on each section.

The first campaign created on FirstPromoter will have a few extra emails as  "Drip emails" which can be copied to other campaigns(email menu icon > Duplicate email), but the most important are the "Welcome emails". You can edit those emails to congratulate the promoter for reaching the new level and sharing other details like the rewards for the new level.

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