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Possible Stripe integration issues

Stripe's most common issues

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Most of our users don't encounter issues integrating Stripe for the first time, but if you do, this article will help you.

If the referral is tracking correctly and you see it appearing as lead in FirstPromoter, but it doesn't turn into a customer in about 2 minutes after the sale, you can check the following just to make sure the integration is completed:

First of all, access Settings > Integrations - View Integrations > Select Stripe - Setup;

  1. Check if the Stripe account appears connected.

  2. Check if the correct Stripe account is connected.
    You can check if the Connected account ID in FirstPromoter is the same as Account id in Stripe. In Stripe you can find that by accessing Settings > Account details > in the upper right of Account settings you will see Account ID;

  3. Check if Stripe is on Live Mode in FirstPromoter and sale is in Live Mode as well, or both on Test Mode if Stripe is used for test transactions;

    If the Stripe account is connected on Test Mode, the integration screen should look like this:

    If Stripe is connected in Live Mode, it doesn't have the test mode badge.

  4. Check if the lead matches:

    • customer email in Stripe has the same lead or customer email in FirstPromoter

    • if you pre-fill the "uid" on the referral tracking script or API, check if it matches with the Stripe customer id or the "fp_uid" value on Stripe customer metadata.

  5. Check if an actual payment happened and it's not a future invoice. Also, make sure the amount paid > $0.5. If you are using 100% coupon or have an empty invoice, it won't work;

  6. If you are using Coupon code tracking, check if the coupon code from the invoice matches the one set on the promotion;

    "Tracking Coupon Code" field should be filled with the Coupon ID, NOT a promotion code. A unique coupon should be created for each promoter ad you CAN'T re-use the same coupon id for other promoters.

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