Move leads or customers to a different promoter

Assign a lead or customer to a different affiliate

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In case a lead or a customer needs to be assigned to a different promoter, you can do it manually from FirstPromoter.

  • Access Leads/Customers section and select the desired lead/customer;

  • Select "Edit customer";

  • Press the "Show advanced options";

  • Add there the referral ID of the desired promoter and press "Save";

*If the "Do NOT move earned commissions, just the lead/customer" box remains unchecked, all the past commissions will be transferred to the new promoter as well. If you don't want to transfer all the previous commissions to the new promoter, check the box*

  • The lead/customer will be moved to the desired promoter.

The referral ID can be found in the Promotions section:

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