What are sub-ids?

How can I add a sub-id?

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FirstPromoter provides a way for a promoter to differentiate the traffic source for the same link.

The promoter can create links with sub-ids and share them on emails, on their blog, social media etc, each with its own sub-id so he can know how those different sources perform.

They can see more about how their sub-ids perform in the "details" section.

Here are the steps for a promoter to add a sub-id:

  • Access the Promoter Dashboard;

  • Scroll down the page;

  • Click on "Links" button under the "Share on social media" section;

  • Press on "Add link";

  • Add a name for the link and a sub-id (for example, we added blog, since we will share that link via blog);

  • Save the new link.

As it can be seen, the word "blog" has been added in the referral link.
The link is the same, just the sub-ids differ. This way the promoter can compare what traffic source give better results (different social networks, for example).

On "Details" section > Top 10 sub-ids they can see how many clicks, referrals and customers each sub-id brought (screenshot below).

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